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Detective Shelley C. White, Jr.

April 18, 1958 – May 22, 2015

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Encouraging and investing in Anne Arundel County’s “at-risk or disadvantaged” youth who desire to pursue higher education or master a trade through college or career readiness programs.


A community where all at-risk or disadvantaged youth have the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential and reinvest in their neighborhoods.


Awarding Scholarships: Through fundraising activities, provide scholarships/resources to qualified graduating high school seniors.

Community Program: Our Board of Directors acknowledges the need in our community for programs to assist underserved youth in developing skills which will lead to college and career success. Our strategic planning process focuses on creating college/career readiness programs to aid in skill development, social and economic empowerment.

Our Scholars

2019 Shelley C. White, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Hailey Smith

Meet Hailey! She grew up in the small town of South County with her older brother, dad, and, mom. Shortly after moving to the house that would be a new beginning for her little family, a tragedy happened in her home. When she was three years old, her father died from a heart attack. For Hailey going to school and graduating from Southern High School was great because of the small populated area. As she grew older, she started to wonder and have thoughts about her father’s passing so she started researching his cause of death. She became interested in a program at the Center of Applied Technology South, a vocational and hands-on school, were she enrolled in the Academy of Health Professions. Hailey learned about the human body through physiology, anatomy, and pathology. She became more interested in not only helping people with her father’s same situation, but helping others as well. The joy of helping others pushed her drive and passion to become a nurse.

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