Shelley C. White, Jr. Memorial is a 501(c)(3) organization. We were established in 2015 in memory of the late Shelley C. White, Jr. Shelley C. White, Jr. was a public servant who devoted his time and talent to uplift the community. In honor to Shelley’s dedication to his community, the organization awards college scholarships to graduating seniors in Anne Arundel County. As the foundation continues to grow, the legacy of Shelley C. White, Jr. will be carried on through the education of the youth we serve.


Encouraging and investing in Anne Arundel County’s “at-risk or disadvantaged” youth who desire to pursue higher education or master a trade through college or career readiness programs.


A community where all at-risk or disadvantaged youth have the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential and reinvest in their neighborhoods.


Awarding Scholarships: Through fundraising activities, provide scholarships/resources to qualified graduating high school seniors.

Community Program: Our Board of Directors acknowledges the need in our community for programs to assist underserved youth in developing skills which will lead to college and career success. Our strategic planning process focuses on creating college/career readiness programs to aid in skill development, social and economic empowerment.